24 Oct 2013

Top Features to Look for, While Thinking to Have a Dishwasher

Author: Grant Sheridan | Filed under: Top Dishwashers

By: Grant Sheridan

There was a time when dishwasher was considered as only the need for luxury, but with the passage of time it has evolved as the must-have and time consuming product in kitchen. Whether one may be looking for replacing their old one or buying a new one, these dishwashers has evolved a lot in terms of their flexibility and easy to use as compared to their previous models. With the emergence of portable dishwasher with excellent energy star rating, it has become an integral part in every house especially in countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

There are many factors that determine the popularity of specific type of dishwashers from the available type. Some of the common factor that are taken into consideration is the energy star rating or energy saving options, its usability and durability, even one can consider the customer reviews that play an important role in its popularity. Dishwashers can be classified in several categories depending on user need and their type, which may be freestanding, under-bench, integrated or dish drawer.

So, while going for buying a dishwasher there are several important factors that if considered can get you the best product:


  • Go¬† with good energy rating :

Energy ratings play an important role while selection of dishwashers, generally the recommended energy efficient should be at least 41%. One should give preference to such products which saves energy and is eco-friendly in nature. There are several dishwashers which have facilities such as working on low electricity power, time set washing that helps to save lots of electricity without affecting the quality of the product.

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  • Better Functionality :

There are several functionality to make a dishwasher popular among the users. There are some dishwashers having features like fan dry, air dry option, washing sensor and small load option that gives washing the dishes a great experience. Dishwashers having more number of cycle options and spray arms affect a lot on the performance of the machine. Also, those which come with higher space setting capacity will give you benefit of cleaning more dishes in single load, thus saving your time.

  • Cleaning Ability :

When it comes to giving the best cleaning experience, then generally branded products give a great experience as compared to the new ones. The thing that matters here is how dishwasher sprays hot water into the dishes, flatware and glasses. The greater the angles water spread from in the dishwasher, the better it cleans the utensils.

There are several other factors that play significant importance in determining the best dishwasher for our use. But, if one considers the above mentioned factors then they can achieve at least 80-90 % success in selecting the desirable dishwasher and that too at an affordable rate.

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