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A heat pump moves thermal energy from a cold space and releases it to a warmer one, against the normal flow of heat. It uses some amount of external power to accomplish the work of transferring energy from the heat source to the heat sink. Air conditioners and freezers are good examples of heat pumps. There are many alternatives to heat pumps such as gas-powered heaters.

But heat pumps have many advantages over other such devices.

  • Energy consumption: Heat pumps utilize energy effectively and wisely. A good quality and well maintained heat pump consumes lesser electricity.
  • Multiple functions: A heat pump works as an air conditioner during summers and as heaters during winters.
  •  Low-cost heating: The cost of heating with heat pump is less expensive than heating with natural gas or wood.
  •  Comfort: Heat pumps can be maintained at constant temperatures, which add to the comfort of the consumer.
  •  Safety: In gas heaters, there is a fear of hazards due to gas leaks. Since heat pumps work on electricity, there is no such fear.
  •  Air filter: Heat pumps filter air as they cool or dehumidify the environment.

Air Conditioner/Heat Pump at Betta Electrical

There are different kinds of heat pumps:

  1. Air-source heat pumps: They take away heat from outdoors and give it indoors while heating. It is a reversible heat pump, and the action gets reversed when air conditioning is required. These pumps are available as ductless heat pumps and ducted heat pumps. Ductless heat pumps have an outdoor unit connected with the indoor unit through copper tubes and ducted heat pumps have larger outdoor unit connected to the building’s duct work.
  2. Ground source heat pumps: These pumps draw heat from the soil and transfer it to ducted distribution system. The temperature inside the ground is almost constant at 10 degrees. This feature is used for functioning of heat pumps. Pumps are practically hidden and operate silently.
  3. Water source heat pumps: Water is used to generate heat. Pipes are submerged in lake or river for draining or gaining heat. The initial cost of water source pumps is high due to extensive piping required.

A well maintained heat pump used in right conditions give trouble free service. Always ensure that a licensed and experienced service provider installs the pump. Also ensure a continuous maintenance contract and warranty information are in place before you finalize on a particular brand.

By:  Grant Sheridan


In the past people use walkman for enjoying music as the means of entertainment. But with the increasing technology, new devices have been invented for listening music. Whether it is disco, pop, jazz, country music, nursery rhymes etc, people of all ages love to listen music. They find it the best means of hangout without any friends. Thus, having a convenient device for listening music is also very important for millions of music lovers. One of the best devices that are widely popular for listening music is headphones.

Headphones are getting increasing popularity nowadays, as people are getting aware with the latest techniques and uses. But buying the proper piece of headphone need some considerations, as all the companies are producing headphones with different and innovative features.

iDance SDJ650 Series Headphones

iDance SDJ650 Series Headphones

There are many factors that you need to consider when buying a pair of headphones for listening music. Our hearing is very important and for the safest listening experience, you must need to buy high quality products for your regular usage. Here are some tips that might help you to choose the best product for running headphones. There are many things to remember before making your purchase decision.

You should know your ears and the volume of noise they can bear. The volume of the noise is measured in decibels. Obviously there is a safe level of decibels for every ear but if you exceed the level, the sound can cause an irreversible damage to your hearing capacity. Apart from hearing loss, there is another risk involved by wearing headphones that are having low sensory awareness. People widely depend on the senses of hearing that safely guide them whole day. Lastly you need to buy a firm fit that is comfortable for your ear position. It can be a hazard of chaffing, if they are uncomfortable.

24 Oct 2013

Top Features to Look for, While Thinking to Have a Dishwasher

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By: Grant Sheridan

There was a time when dishwasher was considered as only the need for luxury, but with the passage of time it has evolved as the must-have and time consuming product in kitchen. Whether one may be looking for replacing their old one or buying a new one, these dishwashers has evolved a lot in terms of their flexibility and easy to use as compared to their previous models. With the emergence of portable dishwasher with excellent energy star rating, it has become an integral part in every house especially in countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

There are many factors that determine the popularity of specific type of dishwashers from the available type. Some of the common factor that are taken into consideration is the energy star rating or energy saving options, its usability and durability, even one can consider the customer reviews that play an important role in its popularity. Dishwashers can be classified in several categories depending on user need and their type, which may be freestanding, under-bench, integrated or dish drawer.

So, while going for buying a dishwasher there are several important factors that if considered can get you the best product:


  • Go  with good energy rating :

Energy ratings play an important role while selection of dishwashers, generally the recommended energy efficient should be at least 41%. One should give preference to such products which saves energy and is eco-friendly in nature. There are several dishwashers which have facilities such as working on low electricity power, time set washing that helps to save lots of electricity without affecting the quality of the product.

Asko D5894XXLS 18 Place Stainless Steel Dishwasher

  • Better Functionality :

There are several functionality to make a dishwasher popular among the users. There are some dishwashers having features like fan dry, air dry option, washing sensor and small load option that gives washing the dishes a great experience. Dishwashers having more number of cycle options and spray arms affect a lot on the performance of the machine. Also, those which come with higher space setting capacity will give you benefit of cleaning more dishes in single load, thus saving your time.

  • Cleaning Ability :

When it comes to giving the best cleaning experience, then generally branded products give a great experience as compared to the new ones. The thing that matters here is how dishwasher sprays hot water into the dishes, flatware and glasses. The greater the angles water spread from in the dishwasher, the better it cleans the utensils.

There are several other factors that play significant importance in determining the best dishwasher for our use. But, if one considers the above mentioned factors then they can achieve at least 80-90 % success in selecting the desirable dishwasher and that too at an affordable rate.

Nowadays having powerful dual function wet and dry vacuum cleaners that supports powerful suction, along with storage capacities to clean wastes and dusts whether it may be wet or dry is a common thing that can be seen in most of the families.

These Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaners when used in industrial or for commercial purpose speed up the cleaning process at a large extend and get the work done at rapid rate. This is just one of the several advantages we have when we use these types of vacuum cleaners.

Some of the others are:

  • Hard Task Becomes Easy: When one get hard task of cleaning an industrial or commercial premises such as offices, buildings, warehouse or even huge factories, then it is among one of the most challenging task which involves extreme labour intensive and at the same time is time-consuming.  With the help of these wet and dry vacuum cleaners, there are high and a powerful suction that carries with itself all waste materials at one go and thus reduce the time of repeatedly cleaning. Having a large storage capacity gives the enjoyment that one does not have to empty the storage capacity every time resulting in high productivity. This saves relatively large amount of time.

wet and dry vacuum cleaners

There are certain advantages that one gets by using these vacuum cleaners and they are endless. These special types of vacuums are comparatively more popular than the normal household vacuum or the one used in industrial/commercial premises, where there is large amount of wastes that get accumulated on daily basis.

 By: Grant Sheridan

It’s not a matter of shame or of status when the person generally asks for all the vital  information of the basic features when they go for buying portable DVD player. Your final decision matters a lot as you have to invest your amount in purchasing and at the same time you have to take care that you don’t have to regret over your decision. So, before taking any final decision it becomes very important for one to analyze and have brief information of all the features that you can get in your budget. It really helps you a lot when you start comparing products that fall in your budget range and select the desired portable DVD player that gives you the required benefits which you are interested in or which fits your needs.

So, some of the important things to keep into consideration are:

  • Best Digital Surround System: It’s an old experience that have been proved that if you have a good digital surround system, then it provides sort of a feeling of virtual theater especially when you have purchased a portable DVD player of any standard brand. You have the option of going with buying optical outputs such as headphones or internal speakers.
  •  Battery Life: Generally, a portable DVD player comes with rechargeable batteries that are attached internally. When the internally attached batteries finishes, one can take the advantage of AA batteries. Good batteries generally last for 2-3 hours when they are fully charged.LG BP530 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi
  •  Product Warranty: Giving importance to features is equally important as having warranty of high indispensable. Most of the suppliers and manufacturers provide warranty of the products they sell so that user can have the trust on the product they are going to purchase.
  • The Connecting Devices: In a typical DVD player, one can easily set the connection with another device or TV through the most common audio/video connections. Even using of gadgets in car can give better experience for the stereo system.

While buying if one takes care of these essential points then definitely they will have better option of selecting the best product and that too in limited budget.